Tooth Fairy in a Jar?

My next mathematical adventure, “Grandfather Ratoncito Perez and the Apprentice Tooth Fairy,” stars a young tooth fairy learning to count change helped by the venerable Hispanic Tooth Mouse.  After reviewing sketches from four very different artists, my focus group of close friends and family chose Fiona Hodgetts from Wolverhampton, England. Fiona and I exchange lots of emails. Hers contain delightful sketches!Fiona Hogetts' Tooth Fairy sketche We’ve decided  just how our fairy should be dressed and just what species of mouse Fiona will use to illustrate a Tooth Mouse.

With all the thought given to fairies and make believe, this post bottle-fairieson (on Pinterest, Facebook & WordPress) caught my fancy. There’s some discussion on the net about whether the craft works as well as pictured. A YouTube video describes how to make the fairy jar with glow paint that won’t loose its sparkle. Which ever you choose, join me for a bit of ‘let’s pretend.’

My mom used to say children only remember what they learn in a ‘white heat.’ She referred to the necessity of making time for the pure ‘joy’ of learning. My graduate adviser referred to enriching teaching with ‘wonder.’ Of course there are concepts best taught by rote, but oh, there is room for celebrating the joy and wonder of this dear old earth! And, a bit of time for pretending. Fiona and I will add a lesson in counting change when our picture book comes out in 2014. For now, you might add a chemistry lesson on  chemiluminesence using the web resource


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2 Responses to Tooth Fairy in a Jar?

  1. Sherry says:

    I am one of your fans. The fairy sketch conveys wonder. Perhaps the mouse will be a joyful little guy. I have a Hispanic adopted son who always brings a smile to my face. Happy writing Virginia.

  2. Pam says:

    Hi Virginia – you know I am a huge fan. I made the tooth fairy in a jar and it is just magical. I used it for a self care play shop for social workers. They loved it Thanks so much. Love ya dearie!!!

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