Fractions for National Cookie Month!

In honor of National Cookie month, I’m sharing a tempting way to introduce the concept ofnobake fractions to your own personal teacher’s pets. In years past I brought an electric frying pan to class on the day I began my mathematics unit on fractions. After my class and I made the following recipe of No Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, we sat around eating cookies and considering how in the world a bigger number could mean a smaller amount. We poured colored water from smaller one-fourth, one-third and one-half cup containers into clear glass one cup containers. Then we all had another cookie. In my experience, children’s interest in fractions increases exponentially with practical (and yummy) real world cooking experience.


For children with allergies, I’ve included a no bake recipe without peanuts and dairy. For all cookie lovers everywhere I’m including a no-bake cookie website. Yea!