Bonus for Quilters

Download the Quilt Pattern

Shortly after The Warlord’s Puzzle appeared in 2000, master quilter Patricia Rosa of upstate New York designed the following tangram quilt pattern for Mrs. Pilegard. The colors, textures and shapes of traditional quilts tempt children to explore informal geometry.  Hand sewing pre-cut blocks for a tangram quilt allows children to strengthen visual perception skills and make the vocabulary of geometry part of their everyday thought and speech. Touching, arranging, and sewing plane geometric figures helps prepare children for Euclidean geometry.

tangram quilt layout

Layout of Mrs. Pilegard’s Tangram Quilt

Click here for Pat’s Pattern for the Tangram Quilt
(PDF file)

2 Responses to Bonus for Quilters

  1. Sanju says:

    It’s easy to see why you’re featured. This is such a great quilt. I think one of the tnghis I like most is that you usedcolors I would not put together. You make me want tobreak out of my “safe color” box. Thanks!

    • virginiapilegard says:

      You’re probably making lovely quilts in those “safe colors,” still, it’s always fun to try something different.

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