Math For The Fun Of It! – Additional Lessons

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Creating the Compass Rose

Use the Floating Fish Compass Craft at the back of
The Warlord’s Fish into a mathematics lesson on the Compass Rose!


1.  Have you ever heard skateboarders talk about “doing a one-eighty” or a “three-sixty” and wondered what the numbers meant?

2.  Using your craft from The Warlord’s Fish, mark the four compass points and the corresponding degrees of a circle on the top, bottom and two sides of the rim of the bowl.

“N” and 0º at the top
“S” and 180º at the bottom
“W” and 270º on the left
“E” and 90º on the right

3.  If you face north and then turn 180º, what direction are you facing?  If you turn 360º what direction are you facing?   Now the question is, where did you leave your skateboard?


Calculate With Cheerios®

Expand the Counting Frame Craft at the back of
The Warlord’s Beads to consider a different Number Base

The Chinese discovered a decimal system similar to our own.  Base ten or decimal counting uses the number symbols zero through nine.   We just keep counting from one to nine and then starting over!

1.  To count using the counting frame craft in The Warlord’s Beads, begin with all the Cheerios® at the bottom of the frame.  Move one Cheerio up on the one’s column (the rightmost) as you count each successive number in order through nine.

2.  Now, push down all the Cheerios in the one’s column (rightmost), push one Cheerio® to the top of ten’s column (the middle column).  You now have zero in the one’s column and one in the ten’s column.

3.  Count 11, 12, 13 . . . by pushing up one Cheerio at a time in the one’s column . . . 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 . . . and now it’s time to start over again!  Two Cheerios in the ten’s column and no Cheerios (or zero) in the one’s column represents 20.  Easy! 21, 22, 23, 24 and on and on until you start over with one in the hundred’s column (leftmost).

4.  Look at the chart below to see what would happen if we used base two instead.

Stretch Your Brain!

Decimal or Base 10 Binary or Base 2
0 0
1 1
2 10
3 11
4 100
5 101
6 110
7 111
8 1000
9 1001
10 1010
11 1011
12 1100
13 1101
14 1110


 For Good Measure!

Use The Warlord’s Beads Craft Counting Frame to Add!

1.  Always start with all the Cheerios® at the bottom of the frame.  It’s easy to add small numbers by pushing up Cheerios.

To add 4 + 1 push 4 Cheerios up in the one’s column; then push up 1 more.
Count the Cheerios at the top to find your answer.   Do you have 5 on top?

2.  It’s a little trickier with larger numbers.

If you want to add 9 + 9 on your counting frame, first push 9 Cheerios to the top of the one’s column.

How can you add 9 more?  You’re almost out of Cheerios in the one’s column!

Think, what number taken away from 10 = 9?  The answer is 1, so push 1 Cheerio to the top of the middle column (the ten’s column) and take 1 Cheerio away from the one’s column on the right.  Now you have 1 in the ten’s column and 8 in the one’s column.  That equals 18.

How about adding 8 + 8?  Start by pushing up 8 Cheerios in the one’s column.
Think, 10 minus what equals 8?

Did you push 1 Cheerio up in the ten’s column and push 2 Cheerios down in the one’s column?  If you did, you have the correct answer and you can come up with lots more addition equations to solve!!

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