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Virginia Pilegard Classroom PresentationClassroom presentations consist of storytelling and a math craft for groups of 30 and under, grades K-8.

The Warlord’s Puzzle
Students experience informal geometry as they cut a tangram and create animal shapes with its pieces.

The Warlord’s Beads
Students create an abacus and learn to solve simple problems with “bead math,” helping to expand their understanding of base ten.

The Warlord’s Fish
Students combine science with mathematics by creating a floating, magnetic compass.

The Warlord’s Puppeteers
Students create a sock puppet to springboard discussions of fractions and ratio.

The Warlord’s Kites
Students create kites (that actually fly in gentle breezes) from brown paper bags and crepe paper, reinforcing measuring skills.

The Warlord’s Messengers
Students explore mathematical reasoning with the help of windsocks they craft.

The Warlord’s Alarm
Students gain a rich understanding of marking the passage of time by creating a “water alarm clock” and an analog clock face.

5 Responses to School – Classroom

  1. Kamal says:

    Thank you for the freebie! This is peecrft because we are just introducing number counting and number sense in my classroom! I’m a new blogger too check out my blog:

  2. Terrie Spalding says:

    Dear Ms. Pilegard,
    We have mutual friends, Bob and MaryAnn Nyberg, who introduced me to your Warlord’s series. I am teaching a math and geometry unit study to a small group of homeschoolers and would love to have you come for a meet the author day. I was planning on going through the books over the first semester and thought our last class day, December 8th, would be good. I am open to other Mondays as well. You could introduce one of your books or do one of those we are planning on doing. The class is 90 minutes, and we would love to have you for however long you are available. I just love the idea of the students meeting the real person who had the vision for these fun books. Let me know if this is feasible for you. Thanks so much for your consideration

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