Inspirational Presentations

Virginia Pilegard Inspirational SpeakerExploring the topics of prayer, victorious living and faith through adversity, Virginia Pilegard has spoken for such diverse Christian groups as Women’s Aglow and Fire Fighters for Christ.

Virginia compares her lifetime of miracle answers to prayer to the woodpecker pecking on a telephone pole when lightening strikes and demolishes the pole.  “That bird flies away chirping, ‘Look at the power I have in my beak!’  When God answered my prayers for my impossible prodigal family, and my equally impossible dream of becoming a published author, I wanted to say, ‘Look at the power I have in my prayers!’  Instead, I’m honor bound to tell of my long-suffering, compassionate Savior who hears and answers again and again.”

Presentation Topics:

  • What to Do ‘Till the Answer Comes or Fidgeting in God’s Waiting Room
  • Take It—Your Life’s Purpose, Problems & Prodigals—To The Lord In Prayer
  • Praying With All That I Am; Seeking All That He Is
  • Unity In Love—The Astounding Power of Agreement

Mini Retreats

Virginia Pilegard also specializes in Mini Retreats (Friday evening through Saturday noon, with an optional sleepover at the church).

         Esther Prayer Retreat—A Spiritual Beauty Makeover or Preparing to Make Requests of the King

          Deborah Prayer Retreat—How Garden Variety Christians Turn into Mighty Women Prayer Warriors

 Women’s Ministry Comments

   Our church had the privilege of having Virginia Pilegard as a speaker. Her articulate and intelligent approach is equaled only by her authenticity and relevance. She presents her struggles in a real way so that folks in her audience can connect with her as she offers biblical solutions for the trials we all face. We enjoyed her and we will have her speak to us again in the future!–Linda Newton, Christian Counselor, Sierra Pines Church

  It has been my privilege to experience the teaching and speaking of Virginia Pilegard.  Her wit and wisdom as well as her deep knowledge of the Bible have been a source of encouragement and inspiration to many.  Virginia has a passion to share the message of Jesus Christ with everyone.  Allowing this beautiful woman of God to tell her story would be fulfilling a desire of her heart and the commandment of our Lord and Savior to go and tell.  “A woman who honors the Lord should be praised.“  Proverbs 31:30b –Marilyn Nielsen, Immanuel Lutheran Church, NALC

 Your Mini Retreat on prayer encouraged me not to give up as a prayer warrior. You are humorous and down-to-earth, but still very Bible based. –Attendee

Honorarium for Church Related Groups

$100.00 per one-hour presentation, $200.00 – $400.00 per day. The costs of travel, meals and lodging are the responsibility of the hosting organization. Contact Virginia regarding possible discounts for small groups and special circumstances.

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