Enjoying The Girl of Fire and Thorns Fantasy Trilogy


Rousting myself to meet the Latin@s in Kid’s Literaturechallenge to share modern children’s literature with a Latin flavor, I find I’m overdue for my February book. To redeem myself, I’m reviewing the second and third books in Rae Carson’s Girl of Fire and Thorns Fantasy Trilogy in March.

The Crown of Embers,second in the trilogy, takes up magical Queen Elisa’s tale following her victory over the invading Animagi sorcerers. She has unexpectedly harnessed the power of her Godstone, but the perimeter of her city still burns and Inviernos seek to capture her to manipulate the power of her gift. Though I don’t find the second book in this enticing series as strong an allegory of faith as the first, the adventure is filled with religious imagery and extolment of Hispanic culture. The theme of the insecure girl maturing into a strong, resourceful woman continues. Fascinating characters, as multifaceted as Elisa’s shining Godstone, support her in her fast-paced adventures. Like Girl of Fire and Thorns, this is a one-night sort of novel. Once swept into this magical kingdom, the reader will have a difficult time closing the book until it’s finished.

Bitter Kingdom

The Bitter Kingdom, Rae Carson’s third book in the Girl of Fire and Thorns Fantasy Trilogy begins with Elisa journeying with trusted friends on a heroic quest. The supernaturally gifted queen travels deep into enemy territory to destroy the power source of Invierne sorcerers and save the man she loves.The unsure girl of Fire and Thorns has matured into a self-disciplined young woman with worldly wisdom and strength. Elisa leaves behind her once innocent spirituality. She becomes wily and adept at political intrigue, sensual and secure in her womanhood. She is no longer just the bearer of the Godstone, but an independent power in her own right. Although my least favorite of the trilogy, this story continues to entertain the reader with interesting characters and multiple plot twists.


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