Loving Sunny

Loving Sunny - Rebecca Abby Novel

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Under the pseudonym Rebecca Abby, Virginia Walton Pilegard publishes the first contemporary mystery/romance in her French Creek series through Goat Mountain Books in September, 2013.

Anglo pastor’s daughter Sunny English and her Mono-Chuckchansi  sweetheart Caleb Wilder, become unwilling investigators into the death of a neighboring rancher.  Naive, optimistic Sunny believes Erle Pitman’s death is an accident. Caleb suspects murder.  Their budding romance reaches a similar impasse. Caleb yearns to flee French Creek, their small foothill town.  He thinks accepting Sunny’s Christianity would be a betrayal of his American Indian heritage.  As the two uncover a brutal murderer and discover love, both Sunny and Caleb must confront the reality of Jesus, Risen Son of the “Unknown Being of the East,” whom Caleb’s ancestors revered.

Praise from a reader in O’Neals–the community on which the fictional town of French Creek in Loving Sunny is based:

I finished “Loving Sunny” a few days ago and I loved it.  Of course I really enjoyed the things that were familiar to me on many levels:  physical, cultural, religious, etc., but I think anyone would enjoy the story and the messages it conveys.  It is a quick read because it’s hard to put down.  I really like the way you write and bring life to your characters.  Don’t let this be your only book for adults!


Cecilia H. a newcomer to our mountain area writes, “I finished reading your book (Loving Sunny) Virginia Pilegard. Did it last night. Kept turning the pages although it is getting late, thinking I’m almost done a few more pages left. And before I know it, it was 1:00 am. That’s how good it is. I can’t lay it down until I am done. There’s a little bit of romance, drama & who-done-it. And a nice ending. I love it I love it I love it.”

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