Dances with Butterflies

Dances with Butterflies- A Rebecca Abby Novel

Dances with Butterflies

The second mystery/romance in  Rebecca Abby’s French Creek Series - Dances with Butterflies - features Caleb’s cousin Joseph Brant who comes to French Creek by court order, remanded to his grandparents’ control after his arrest for a DUI and illegal discharge of a firearm. Although raised with little understanding of his Mono-Chuckchansi heritage and a wild streak a yard wide, he gains respect in the community as a crack firefighter with the local Native American Hot Shot Crew. His meeting with powwow fancy-shawl dancer Connie Blue changes everything.

In Joseph’s words, Connie Blue’s into the Christian stuff and doesn’t claim a spirit animal, but if she did, it’d have to be a lion.  Her big eyes turn up at the corners like a modern-day relative of Genghis Khan or a lion.  Her face is a heart with wide cheekbones and a broad forehead. The first time I saw her I knew she was my past—the tribe I’d never known; my future, mother to my unborn; my present, the fire I’d never put out. The stuff I’d worked on every female since I was old enough to smile makes her wary. She watches me though, stares at my hands when I play my guitar for her.  Joseph Brant—wild and sweet and dangerous as the late summer honey tree—God has looked for someone to stand in the gap for you and found Constance Blue.

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  1. like says:

    ~Warrior Name Guide~ This thread is old, but there is a …

    • virginiapilegard says:

      Thanks for posting. I wasn’t able to find the newer version of the Warrior Name Guide. The old one seems about feline warrior names rather than coyote.

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