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Grandfather Ratoncito Pérez and the Apprentice Tooth Fairy–
Abuelo Ratoncito Pérez y la Aprendiz de la Hada de los Dientes

When a young tooth fairy tries to fly with one hundred pennies for her first tooth exchange, Grandfather Ratoncito Pérez and his grandson Miguel offer assistance and lessons in counting coins. Includes instructions for making a coin bag and recognizing U.S. coins.


The Warlord’s Series

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The Warlords PuzzleThe Warlord’s Puzzle

When a fierce warlord’s square tile breaks into the “seven perfect pieces” of the tangram, he announces a contest with a prize for the person who can to put it back together.  Succeeding when all the grownups fail, a peasant boy finds geometric clues in his everyday world.  Craft: tangram

The Warlords Beads

The Warlord’s Beads

After the peasant fisherman and his son move into the warlord’s palace, the peasant is accused of stealing some of the items he must count.  Using jade beads and peach switches, the boy makes an abacus to exonerate his father.  Craft: counting frame

The Warlords Fish

The Warlord’s Fish

Kidnapped and carried by caravan through a blinding sandstorm on China’s perilous Silk Road. Chuan saves his mentor, the artist, himself and their captors with the use of a floating fish compass.  The grateful kidnappers set Chuan and the artist free.  Craft:  floating fish compass

The Warlords Puppeteers

The Warlord’s Puppeteers

On the journey back to the warlord’s palace, Chuan meets Jing Jing, a puppeteer’s daughter.  When the company is set upon by bandits, the children are able to replace stolen puppets by learning to use ratio to make new ones.  Craft:  sock puppet

The Warlords Kites

The Warlord’s Kites

Marauding soldiers are sent running with the “magic” of Jing Jing’s mysterious whistling kites.  She and Chuan must find the area of a square using nonstandard measurement to create their kites from the finest Tang Dynasty paper.  Craft:  brown paper bag kite

The Warlords Messenger

The Warlord’s Messengers

Chuan and Jing Jing help the warlord save time and “face.”  With their creation of a land-sailing carriage and some good old-fashioned mathematical reasoning they arrange for the warlord to journey to the city of the emperor in record time.  Craft:  wind sock

The Warlords Alarm

The Warlord’s Alarm

Chuan and Jing Jing defeat a rival warlord’s plans of gossip and court intrigue.  Using a leaking, leather water bag and an empty cabbage bowl they create an alarm clock to awaken their warlord in time to state his case before the Emperor first.  Craft:  water alarm clock and analog clock face

The Emperors Terra Cotta Army

The Emperor’s Terra-cotta Army

A scholar and his son run for their lives from the Great Chi’in, China’s first emperor.  Hidden in a cave, father and son continue to study and a geometry problem helps them solve the mystery of the terra-cotta soldiers.  Craft:  flour/salt clay modeling

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