Tooth Fairy Meets the Hispanic Tooth Mouse

Excerpt from
Grandfather Ratoncito Perez
and the Apprentice Tooth Fairy


Exciting New Bilingual Mathematical Adventure

“Virginia Pilegard turns math into fairy tale fun!” -Margarita Engle Newbery Honor winning author of The Surrender Tree

GRANDFATHER RATONCITO PEREZ AND THE APPRENTICE TOOTH FAIRY: A young apprentice tooth fairy, embarrassed to admit she has trouble telling U.S. coins apart, starts her first flight carrying an ungainly load of one hundred pennies. When Night Wind’s bullying cold blast sends her spiraling to earth her coin net rips and all her pennies spill. Courtly tooth mouse Grandfather Ratoncito Pérez and his grandson Miguel offer to help. Grandfather shows her the differences among U.S. coins. With mended net and a lighter load, the young fairy is on her way before daybreak. On her flight, she composes a coin-counting poem that pleases even the queen of all tooth fairies. Combining Hispanic and Anglo folklore this story gives plenty of clues for recognizing and counting coins. The winsome story, told in English and Spanish, offers a bit of history about Ratoncito Pérez. A hands-on craft page enriches mathematics learning and the quirky poem helps students memorize coin combinations.

Lovely “Golden Age of Illustration” water colors by British artist Fiona Hodgetts and thoughtful translation of Mrs. Pilegard’s whimsical story by Latina university student Maria Cassandra Nah Ayuso promise to make this picture book a classic.


  1. Roberta Dunnicliff says:

    I love all of Virginia’s books. I am retired now, but when teaching I used her books with my elementary students. Her stories made difficult mathematical concepts easier to teach. I am looking forward to purchasing her latest story about the tooth fairy apprentice and money. I can’t wait to read it to my granddaughter.

  2. Rodney Zastrow says:

    I pray for your success and know you have the talent. You are a wonderful friend and I am so very happy and inspired just knowing you Virginia.

  3. Kay Cantwell says:

    Looks like a lot of fun, I thinky five year old is going to love it

  4. Sherry says:

    I’m ordering this one for my new great grandson. Virginia is an author who knows how to combine teaching and entertainment to a child.
    The illustrations will appeal to the child’s love of adventure. I can not wait to read it myself.

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