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Virginia Pilegard in Cabo San Lucas

Writer finds Inspiration
on Mexican Rivera!

Virginia Walton Pilegard’s writing took a new direction when an elementary teacher suggested she write a book about counting U.S. coins. The complex monetary system of medieval China (including special leather “bills” made from the skins of white deer for use by the Emperor only) didn’t offer much help for enriching children’s understanding of U.S. coins!

Mexico’s straight forward coins and the folk hero Grandfather Ratoncito Pérez—the Hispanic Tooth Mouse—inspired a  bilingual  mathematical adventure with a Mexican flavor.

Medieval China and the many Chinese inventions originating during that period did provide rich background for Mrs. Pilegard’s first children’s mathematical adventure picture books. Although each book in her beloved Warlord’s Series stands alone, if read in order—The Warlord’s Puzzle, The Warlord’s Beads, The Warlord’s Fish, The Warlord’s Puppeteers, The Warlord’s Kites, The Warlord’s  Messengers,  and finally The Warlord’s Alarm—one can follow the clever peasant boy from the river where he fished with his father to the warlord’s palace and ultimately to a meeting with the Emperor of all China.

The author will sign and date all books.  To have her autograph personalized, name(s) must be sent directly to at the time of the order.

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