Nineteenth Century Wood Cabin

A friend standing in the doorway of Virginia’s childhood home

Virginia Pilegard, Author

Raised on cattle ranches in central California, Mrs. Pilegard learned to ride at two years of age when her father tied her on her pony Nubbins’s saddle and took her with him to work cows. From the early 50’s her family made their home on the side of Pin Cushion Peak in a two room miner’s cabin with oil lamps, a wood stove and a two-holer privy up the hill.

Mrs. Pilegard holds a B.A. in education and an M.A. in education with an elementary mathematics emphasis. The manuscript for her first children’s book, The Warlord’s Puzzle,The Warlords Puzzle won first place in a National Writers Association competition, in the children’s literature category. It debuted number two on the Booksense 76 list. Along with The Warlord’s Beads, also a Booksense 76 selection it is listed by the California State Department of Education as recommended mathematics reading for second cover child counting beads To date, all of Mrs. Pilegard’s books have been accepted by the Accelerated Reader program. The books are included in their diagnostic and instructional program as well as in their instructional software programs.

 In partnership with Judi Heuring Hussain, Mrs. Pilegard published a number of romance short stories in women’s periodicals.  Under the pseudonym Judy Walton, the two won first place for Romance Short Story in the William Saroyan 2003 Writer’s Contest.

Mrs. Pilegard’s contemporary mystery/romances Loving Sunny and Dances with Butterflies are published by Goat Mountain Books under the pen name Rebecca Abby.

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